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Engage engineers anywhere anytime.

In need of telecommunication engineering experts in your area? Field Engineer will help you find them, hire them, and get the job done – all that in a matter of hours. Service providers from around the world – Americas (North and South), Europe, Asia, and Africa – already know our worth. If you still haven’t heard of our platform, the time is now. Field Engineer has made it its long-term objective to help the right service providers find the right engineers – whenever and wherever!

Best telecom jobs that suit your preferences may well be just around the corner, but you haven’t had any luck finding them so far. That time is past. With the Field Engineer platform, you will get to keep informed about all the job postings in a timely manner. What’s more, you will get to negotiate the terms directly with the service provider from the comfort of your home. No matter your location, Field Engineer does have jobs for you.

Organization also may ask about certifications from groups like CompTIA as part of data center technician qualifications. Men account for the majority of Data Center Technicians in the United States. The overall average salary for data center technician is approximately $21.92 per hour.


Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New telecom jobs are added daily at Field Engineer which is most sought by the employees and employers. Telecom engineers use their technical expertise to provide a range of services and engineering solutions revolving around different modes of communication and information transfer, such as wireless telephony services, radio and satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies.

Data center technician especially in telecom jobs involve working within the confines of the business space, i.e. running cables or even improving physical security around the data center through various building projects or types of maintenance work. In terms of technology requirements, data center technicians’ helps about competency with operating systems, as well as various scripting languages and different kinds of network hardware deployment.

We know how difficult getting engineer jobs done can get. On top of difficult, it is also costly and time-consuming, and these two factors, at least, are easily mitigated. We launched the FE online marketplace with that goal in mind, aiming to redefine the future of B2B work. Going online means that every single engineer, wherever in the wide world they may be, is easily reachable.

Don’t miss out on this chance to “reserve” the best engineer for your job. The professionals listed at FE are available on demand – no exceptions. And with us doing the screening and reviewing process, you can get the idea of what to expect at a glance. No more time wasted on the candidate selection process and no more costs related to workforce migration. Field Engineer redefines the history of engineering – with a smile!

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